An Unplanned Trip to Singapore

It was the month of June we just ended up with our semester exams and after 2 months our new session was about to start. We had 2 months with us to spend, on the last day of the session we were having our last practical exam of the session, we were just discussing what to plan for the vacations that suddenly my friend turned up with an idea to go to Singapore for the vacations, we all are from India, at first when we listened we thought he is crazy, in such a less time interval we will not be able to complete all the formalities. I asked everyone about their passports and fortunately everyone had it, we were 3 boys and 2 girls. After that I told them leave everything on me, I know one good travel agent he will manage everything. I had a word with the travel agent and finalized the trip, it was after 15 days and per member cost for the trip was about Rs 30k.

We all were very excited about the trip and finally the day came when we flied to Singapore from Chennai, India. The moment we reached Changi Airport the scene was really amazing, I had never seen so big, neat and clean airport with all amenities in the world. We reached Singapore at 10:00 hrs the cab was waiting for us to take us to the hotel, we had already booked a Holiday Package, and there was a cheap Holiday Deal with that agent which attracted us in such a low price. We had taken a Holiday Package otherwise apart from that there are n number and categories of hotels among which you can decide according to your pocket. There are many cheap hotels and budget hotels, affordable hotels, apart from that there are many good hotels, resorts, boutique hotels; even there are serviced apartments and guesthouses. After reaching our hotel we took around 1:30 hrs to be fresh and after that the cab was waiting for us at the parking of the hotel our scene was to have a city look on the first day. Our driver took us to the orchard road where we had miles and miles of shopping malls, then we went to Chinatown where basically Chinese are residing they had their street market over there, where you have to bargain while shopping; after that we went to Little India – a piece of India into the north of the city. In the upcoming days we went to Riverside, where we enjoyed the museums, statues and theatres; then one day we went night safari where we viewed each and every species of animals; then one day we went to Sentosa Island a major tourist place in Singapore, where we had the famous statue of Merlion.

Overall we enjoyed a lot over the trip. There were feedback centers developed by their tourism board, where a tourist is offered travelogues, travel guides, travel tips and querybooking and also the tourist has to leave his reviews, feedback and suggestions, about the service they got in their whole trip.

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