4 Topmost Freshwater Fish Families for Aquariums

If you are going to set up a freshwater aquarium in your home, you need to take a lot of things into consideration in order to end up making the best setup. You would normally face difficulties in selecting the equipment and the live fish that you would keep inside the tank. These species of fish are mainly born in the rivers and lakes situated in warm environments. These fish are generally called as tropical fish and there are over 20 families of tropical fish found in the world. Here, in this post we are going to study about 4 most popular freshwater fish species that you can keep in your aquarium .

Cichlidae Family

The species in this particular family are communally called as cichlids. They are about 1300 in number. The angel fish is probably the best known species among these 1300 species.

As far as their feeding habit is concerned they can feed upon the commonly available commercial food. They are easy breeders, so you can easily breed them. While breeding, you need to separate the eggs from the rest in the aquarium. This makes sure that eggs can be safe from any hurdles and more specifically from the attacks of other aggressive species. In some other cases, angel fish can also show aggressiveness and eat smaller fish present in the aquarium. So, proper care has to be taken.

Poecilidae Family

There are species such as guppies, mollies and swordtails, which belong to Poecilidae family. In terms of size, these species tend to grow smaller, so you need to take care of them so as to avoid any harm especially when other aggressive species are also sharing the same tank. Fish belonging to this family are generally passive in nature. Their special property is that they give birth to their young live instead of eggs.

Characidae Family

There are more than 1500 species in this family. It includes the tetra. Like the Poecilidae family, they are also passive in nature, and they live and grow well in cohabitate tanks along with other non-aggressive species. Among all tetras in this family the neon tetra and the lemon tetra show brightest colors, and they have got their names as per the colors they produce. To add to their look and visual flow, they display schooling behavior too. When they are idle, they create some protection zones around them.

Corydoradinae Family

The bottom-dwellers such as the catfish belong to this family. These freshwater fish species show nocturnal characteristics inside the tank, i.e. they are most active under dim light. They eat the algae from the substrate of the aquarium. They can show occasional forays to the surface in order to take fresh air. It helps in their gill performance and provides the aquarium an engaged look.

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