6 Unique Occasions To Send Flowers

Sending floral arrangements for the big events – Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays, is a given. But there are other, more unique occasions when it is a great idea to send flowers. Getting a great looking floral arrangement makes a happy occasion even better and is comforting during times of grief and sadness. Remember, you can send a bouquet or floral arrangement to anyone, young or old, friends, family, or lovers.
1. First Day of School. Regardless of whether a student is just starting kindergarten or its their first day of college, receiving flowers makes an exciting day that much more special. Send the flowers to the dorm room of a college student or give them directly to a student who lives at home. Sending the flowers to class may be a bit too much.
2. To Celebrate a Promotion or Raise. Getting promoted at work is a big deal. To celebrate, send the newly promoted person a thoughtful floral arrangement. You can send an arrangement to a co-worker who has been promoted, to your newly promoted boss or to your partner or friend.
3. After the Death of a Pet. When a family member or loved one passes away, people usually send flowers. But many people treasure their pets just as much as their human friends. The death of a pet can be heartbreaking for many. Brighten someone’s sad day by sending flowers that say “I’m thinking of you.”
4. For Smaller Holidays. Flower arrangements and bouquets are a lovely way to decorate for virtually every holiday. For example, a bouquet of bright green blooms is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Red, white and blue flowers make a great arrangement for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Anyone who loves flowers will love receiving a special arrangement on any holiday.
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5. Firsts. In a person’s life, there are lots of “firsts” that they’ll experience. Send a child a small flower arrangement for losing her first tooth. Sending a teen a flower arrangement or bouquet when she passes her driver’s license test is another good reason. Other firsts that are perfect for flowers include a first job, first apartment, and first car.

6. A Big Move. Helping someone decorate a new home or apartment by sending floral arrangements after they move is a great way to celebrate. If someone is moving across the country or to another distant location, sending flowers is a great way to be there even if you cannot physically be present. Time the flowers so that they arrive after a person is sufficiently settled into a new house.
Almost anytime is the perfect time to send flowers. If you just happen to think about it, sending an arrangement to a friend is a perfect time to send flowers. You can even create an occasion so that you have an excuse to give flowers.

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