How to Be a Vegan Anywhere You Want

You can see animal products just about anywhere; from the thanksgiving tables to restaurants and even the vegetables that are cooked with animal fat.

However, with the passing time, it is becoming easier to adopt a vegan lifestyle. You can get butter, cheeses made of nuts, baked goods that are egg-free, and we have restaurants and coffee shops that are labeling vegan dishes on the menu. However, vegans still face many tricky situations. Following are some of those situations, along with the solutions that you can follow in order to adopt vegan food when you don’t know where the cheese and cooking oil comes from.

1. On thanksgiving

You would notice that on thanksgiving there are tables full of a variety of dishes. For non-vegans/vegetarians, you would notice that their eyes and focus are glued to the turkey. For them, thanksgiving means turkey. This leaves all the other dishes, vegetables and whatnot for the vegans. There a number of recipes for vegan thanksgiving dishes. So if your host is not interested in cooking something vegan, offer them to bring something over yourself.

2. At Restaurants

A number of restaurants here in America and other developed countries now include a separate section for vegan and vegetarian dishes. However, if you end up in a restaurant that does not offer so, it is best to politely ask your server if they have something vegan in their menu, or if anything could be prepared that way. The server is most probably going to ask the chef of any possibilities and then will inform you likewise.
If they are not much co-operative, you’ll need to be creative. Good and obvious choices include pickle, tomato, onion sandwiches, peanut butter, fruit, maple syrup and marinara sauce.

3. Hiking trips

It’s much easier to be a vegan on a hiking trip. You’ll be the one worrying less about food spoilage and you’ll be more likely to find food on the way. In addition, it’s easier to clean the pots, plates and pans because you don’t have to clean the grease off the utensils. Plus, pack as much power packed fruit as you can. Bananas and dates are two power-packed foods that can help you much on a hiking trip. If you still find yourself troubled with what to carry, you can search over the internet to find millions of other things that you can take on a hiking trip.

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