Queen Elizabeth's Daughter GoldHere’s the latest!  Anne’s new book, QUEEN ELIZABETH’S DAUGHTER, will be released from St. Martin’s Press in March, 2014.  Anne has once again shaken her family tree and this time, Mary Shelton appeared, lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth.  A royal ward, Mary is like a daughter to the Virgin Queen, and, like any mother, Elizabeth wants to make a fine match for her girl.  The Earl of Oxford seems to be exactly what the queen has in mind, but Mary knows him to be villainous and cruel.  Instead, she finds the charms of a lowly courtier, Sir John Skydemore, more to her liking.  But he’s poor and he’s a Catholic at a time when the Old Religion is banned.  Indeed, because of traitorous plots against Elizabeth sanctioned by the Pope himself, being a Catholic has become dangerous.  Will Mary risk the queen’s wrath and marry her love?  If so, what will become of them?

Exciting news! AT THE MERCY OF THE QUEEN, Anne’s debut novel, has been released from St. Martin’s Press! Set in the court of Henry VIII, the book tells the story of Anne’s ancestor, Lady Margaret Shelton, one of three named mistresses of the king. “Pretty Madge” as she is called, is also first cousin to Queen Anne Boleyn, complicating everything.

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Anne Clinard Barnhill has been writing professionally since 1991 and has written hundreds of feature articles, theater and book reviews, and interviews for a variety of newspapers and magazines. Her second book, WHAT YOU LONG FOR, a collection of short stories, is available now at Main Street Rag.

Her first book, AT HOME IN THE LAND OF OZ, was published by Jessica Kingsley (June, 2007) and is available for purchase online at JKPAmazon, or Barnes & Noble. This memoir tells the poignant story about growing up in the 60’s with an autistic sister when few people had ever heard the word. It has been described as “a beautiful book” and “a classic coming-of-age story that reads with the suspense, and superb prose, of a terrific novel.”

Barnhill has also published poetry, short stories and essays in a variety of literary journals and anthologies. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington and currently has several projects underway, including a second novel set in Tudor England.

Read more about Anne on the bio page. She loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to contact her.

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  1. I am the Teresa that commented on your status in search for a name for your waitress in the 1960′s.
    I will share more about Wilsie Hafner if you will let me know the best way to do so. If I don’t hear from you I am touched you even commented moreless wanted to know about her.

  2. Ms. Barnhill, I heard your interview today on WHQR in which you described your new book on Mary Shelton. As you commented on your Shelton ancestry, I became curious. Shelton is my mother’s maiden name. She is 93 years old and lives here in Wilmington. We have a pretty good Ancestry.com tree and wondered if you might be one of the Sheltons in that family. They hail in America from Patrick County, Virginia migrating to Stokes County, NC somewhere in the early 1800s. Did any of your Sheltons or Boleyn (Bullins) family reside in that area of VA? And yes, I plan to read your book and will give it to my mother as well.

    • Hi Frank,
      My mother’s family is from Lincolnton but we are from the same Shelton family in Virginia–One of the Shelton women was married to Patrick Henry, a Sarah Shelton, I think. I know we are from Virginia originally, at least a branch of the family. My ancestors include a Major Hambright who led the battle at King’s Mountain. Thanks so much for contacting me and I do hope you enjoy the book! All Best,

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